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Invictus Introduction

Hello there, welcome to the guildlaunch site for <Invictus>.

<Invictus> was formed at the launch of the game and although we have had a few homes we currently reside on Gelidra.

We consider ourselves a raiding guild where real life comes first. We all have an existence away from the game (well most of us) so we do not force signups or expect people to make every raid. We have a great community with good friendships as well as being able to progress through Rift's raid content.

We're currently looking for active members that want to take part in activities in the current and upcoming content of Prophecy of Ananke. Socials, casuals, raiders and pvp players are always welcome to join our family.  <Invictus> likes to cover a wide range of content including dungeons, raids, quests, PVP, dimensions and puzzles. 

If you would like to know more about <Invictus> you can ask one of our Class Leaders Pongee (Warrior),
Buga (Cleric), Doranbolt (Rogue), Okcuv (Mage), Aethrur (Primalist), our Raid Leader Doranbolt or the Guild Leader: Buga.

If you would like to apply to our guild please click here. By being a member of <Invictus> you agree to our Guild Rules which are publicly available on our forums.

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